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  • Surfboard Review: Sharp Eye Disco Surfboard

    October 19, 2015 2 min read

    Sharp Eye Disco Surfboard
    sharp-eye-disco-surfboard Sharp Eye Disco Surfboard Review: This is our most popular design. created for small to medium surf. It is a high performance small wave board that allows you to surf like your normal short board. The bottom has the most amount of rocker than all other small wave designs and the outline is wider than the glider model. You will go fast and turn tight on those small but fun days. it should be order 4 to 6 inches smaller than your regular short board. sharpeye_disco_surfboard Surf Station's Board Manager Mike P. on the Sharp Eye Disco Surfboard: The best board on the market for high performance surfing in marginal conditions is the Sharp Eye Disco. I live on Florida's east coast where the waves are decent at best. I can ride my Disco on just about any given day of the year as long as there is a little bump in the ocean, if not a longboard is going to be your only saving grace. Of my 4 Discos, 3 were swallow tails and 1 squash tail. I prefer the swallow tail because it allows the board to be more versatile for a variety of conditions and sizes. Throw a quad fin set in there and the board will hold up to a foot or two overhead. This is one of the more responsive boards I've ever had and can suit just about any surfers style. One of the best aspects of any Sharp Eye is the durability and quality. These boards last and can take a beating not mention Marcio is hand finishing every board that comes off the line (that's the same guy who started Sharp Eye and makes all of Felipe Toledo's WSL boards)! In Conclusion: All you want on a high-performance, small-wave board. It has speed, drive, and maneuverability. Tested and approved by top surfers. Get on the groove!
    Check out a video review on the Sharp Eye Disco Surfboard below!

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