International Shipping

International Shipping

YES, we ship internationally!  We ship surfboards, bodyboards, surf gear, clothing, almost everything in our online store can be shipped anywhere in the world, and due to our experience, we’re pretty good at doing it!

Shipping big fragile objects across the world can be expensive. It can range anywhere from $175-$500 depending on size and location. We want to find you the best deal and most reliable shipping service. For an exact quote please email your shipping address, and size surfboard you would like a quote on to:

How do we ship?

We have partnerships with all the major shipping companies.  For surfboard orders, they typically ship via UPS, Fedex, or DHL.  We can provide you with quotes to both your door, and nearby airports where you can pick them up and bring the package through customs.  For smaller items, we ship via USPS or Fedex depending on the item and your need for arrival time.  Our shipping costs are very competitive as we never attempt to make money on the shipping charges.  The price we charge the customer is the price it costs us to ship the item(s).  Here are some recent international surfboard shipments we’ve done and their rates.

  • To Airport in Rome, Italy: $210.54
  • To Airport in Milan, Italy: $235.00
  • To Airport Tel Aviv, Israel: $250.00
  • To Front Door Lisbon, Portugal: $425.00
  • To Airport in Japan: $211.00 for 1 board. $440.50 to the Front Door
  • To Airport Marsailles, France: $215.00 to CDG Airport
  • To Airport Amsterdam, Netherlands: $220.00
  • To Airport Glasgow, UK: $240.00
  • To Airport Paris, France: $215.00 to CDG Airport
  • To Airport San Jose, Costa Rica: $200.00
  • To Airport Dubai: $228.00

*NOTE: These were quotes for other customers. Your exact shipping price will depend on the box size, weight, and pricing at the time of shipment. Please contact our shipping department for an exact price.

In the event our shipping company does not deliver to your location, you may contact a freight forwarder and handle shipping coming into your country. We will ship the board to the freight forwarder in the U.S. and the freight forwarding company will handle shipping the board to you.  In that case, you will pay the shipping charges based on our Domestic Shipping page.

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