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    Surfboard Volume Calculator

    Choosing a board that has just the right amount of float and maneuverability for your specific weight and skill level can be tricky. To find your ideal volume in a surfboard, check out the Surfboard Volume Chart listed below and find your specifications to match the volume. Find Your Correct Surfboard Volume below.

    Weight lbs Weight kg Beginner Beg/Inter Intermediate Inter/Adv Advanced
    80lbs 36.36kg 32.00L 24.00L 20.00L 16.80L 16.00L
    85lbs 36.64kg 33.23L 24.92L 20.77L 17.44L 16.61L
    90lbs 40.00kg 34.36L 25.77L 21.48L 18.04L 17.18L
    95lbs 43.18kg 35.41L 26.56L 22.13L 18.59L 17.70L
    100lbs 45.45kg 38.18L 28.64L 23.86L 20.05L 19.09L
    105lbs 47.73kg 38.18L 28.64L 23.86L 20.05L 19.09L
    110lbs 50.00kg 39.00L 29.25L 24.38L 20.48L 19.50L
    115lbs 52.27kg 40.77L 30.58L 25.48L 21.41L 20.39L
    120lbs 54.55kg 41.45L 31.09L 25.91L 21.76L 20.73L
    125lbs 56.82kg 42.05L 31.53L 26.28L 22.07L 21.02L
    130lbs 59.09kg 42.55L 31.91L 26.59L 22.34L 21.27L
    135lbs 63.36kg 44.18L 33.14L 27.61L 23.20L 22.09L
    140lbs 63.64kg 44.55L 33.41L 27.84L 23.39L 22.27L
    145lbs 65.91kg 46.14L 34.60L 28.84L 24.22L 23.07L
    150lbs 68.18kg 47.73L 35.80L 29.83L 25.06L 23.86L
    155lbs 70.45kg 49.32L 36.99L 30.82L 25.89L 24.66L
    160lbs 72.73kg 50.91L 38.18L 31.82L 26.73L 25.45L
    165lbs 75.00kg 52.50L 39.38L 32.81L 27.56L 26.25L
    170lbs 77.27kg 54.09L 40.57L 33.81L 28.40L 27.05L
    175lbs 79.55kg 55.68L 41.76L 34.80L 29.23L 27.84L
    180lbs 81.82kg 57.27L 42.95L 35.80L 30.07L 28.64L
    185lbs 84.09kg 58.86L 44.15L 36.79L 30.90L 29.43L
    190lbs 86.36kg 60.45L 45.34L 37.78L 31.74L 30.23L
    195lbs 88.64kg 62.05L 46.53L 38.78L 32.57L 31.02L
    200lbs 90.91kg 63.64L 47.73L 39.77L 33.41L 31.82L
    205lbs 93.18kg 65.23L 48.92L 40.77L 34.24L 32.61L
    210lbs 95.45kg 66.82L 50.11L 41.76L 35.08L 33.41L
    215lbs 97.73kg 68.41L 51.31L 42.76L 35.91L 34.20L
    220lbs 100.00kg 72.00L 54.00L 45.00L 37.80L 36.00L
    225lbs 102.27kg 73.64L 55.23L 46.02L 38.66L 36.82L
    230lbs 104.55kg 77.36L 58.02L 48.35L 40.62L 38.68L
    235lbs 106.82kg 79.05L 59.28L 49.40L 41.50L 39.52L
    240lbs 109.09kg 82.91L 62.18L 51.82L 43.53L 41.45L