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    What is the best surfboard for a beginner?

    The best board for beginners to learn the basics of surfing are soft top boards in the 7-8ft range. These boards make catching waves easy, and are very stable for beginners. The soft top also is much more forgiving when fallen on. What is a short board surfboard? A short board is considered, by the Eastern Surfing association rules, as “surfboards will not exceed 2 ft. longer than the competitor’s height”.

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    What is a Longboard Surfboard?

    A long board is considered, by the Eastern Surfing Association rules, as “Longboards must be a minimum of 9 ft. in length... boards must be a minimum of 3 feet over the competitor’s head.”

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    What is the difference between a Thruster and Quad set up?

    A thruster (tri-fin) fin set is the most popular fin setup for shortboards since introduced by Simmon Aderson in the 1980s. This is because they deliver reliable speed generation and hold on the face of a wave in a wide range of conditions.

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    A quad (four-fin) fin setup is most popular in small wave boards like fishes, or big wave boards like guns. This is because quad fins help generate speed quickly in weak surf, and give extra speed in larger surf. Quad fins also give more hold in steep waves which is particularly helpful for big wave surfing.

    What does a Swallow Tail do for a Surfboard?

    Swallow tail surfboards are popular among surfers on beach breaks. This is because swallow tail surfboards decrease the total surface area of the tail of the board allowing for quick radical maneuvers. What is a squash tail? A squash tail surfboard is a square like shaped tail of a surfboard that maximizes the surface area of the tail. This added surface area allows for more gilde in softer sections of waves.

    What is a squash tail?

    A squash tail surfboard is a square like shaped tail of a surfboard that maximizes the surface area of the tail. This added surface area allows for more gilde in softer sections of waves. 

    How can I order a custom board?

    If you would like to order a custom board please go on our site and download our custom order form located on the “Surfboards” tab. From there fill out what you desire and email it toJosh@surf-station.com


    Why is shipping so expensive for a 6’0 compared to a 5’11?

    Surfboard sizes that require boxes over 74"(Surfboards over 6'0 + buffer length in box) in length require an oversize shipping surcharge imposed by FedEx.

    When will I receive my tracking number?

    Once the package is received and scanned by said carrier you will see the tracking number go live. 

    How can I find store hours/phone numbers?

    See this link below for all contact informationhttps://www.surfstationstore.com/pages/contact-us

    Does Surf Station Price match?

    Yes! Surf Station can match the price of any other official dealer/Manufacture for said product. 

    Why can I not stand up on my surfboard?

    If you are having trouble standing up on your surfboard then you may be having one of a few common issues. 

    You maybe riding a board that is too small for you. If your board is not able to float you at the surface of the water then it may be too small for you.

    You may be standing up too early or late when paddling into a wave. Standing up too late or early will cause the wave to pass underneath you keeping you from generating speed and momentum that allows you to stand up.  You should feel the wave pick you up before you should try to stand.

    The waves may be too small to be surfed. Sometimes you can do everything right when surfing, but the waves simply do not have the power to be ridden. 

    Can a Beginner surfer use a shortboard?

    As a beginner surfer it is not advisable to ride a shortboard to get started as they require a high level of experience to be able to catch waves with.. A funshape or soft top between 7 and 8 feet long is typically best for beginners. 

    What is a Funshape?  

    A fun shaped surfboard typically between 7-8ft long, has a round nose like a longboard, and a tighter tail like a shortboard. They are called fun boards because they offer the same wave catchability as a longboard, but are more maneuverable like a shortboard, which makes it a fun board to ride anytime. Fun Shapes  are good boards for people that are used to riding a soft top and want to move to a hard board.

    Can you ride a fish in big waves?  

    Yes, fishes can be ridden in larger surf, though it will be more difficult because of how flat and wide fishes tend to be. When a board is flat and wide it has trouble making the drop on large waves because they tend to be steep which causes flat boards to pearl, and they have trouble staying in the pocket of larger waves because the board wants to generate more speed than is needed to stay in the pocket. 

    Can I learn to surf in a day?

    Yes, it is possible to learn the basics of surfing in a single day.  Surfing is a lifelong pursuit that one can consistently build on throughout a lifetime.

    Is it easier to surf on a longboard?

    Yes, Longbaords tend to be much more stable and have more floatation than most other boards. The added stability and floatation make it easier to catch small to medium sized waves that most beginners learn on. 





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