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Cannibal Surfboards

Cannibal Surfboards shaped by AJ Finan available at the Surf Station. Estabilsihed 20 years ago and based in Melbourne Beach, FL, head shaper AJ Finan has been using a vacuum-bagging process to bond aerospace materials to a hand-shaped core. We ship Cannibal surfboards domestic and international.

Cannibal's unique CoreVac process uses a quasi-Isotropic, multi vector orientation of cloth with many layers that greatly increases overall strength and provides more uniform flex. Vacuum bagging lowers resin to cloth ratios, making their boards are far lighter and stronger than that available with standard hand lay-up. Optimizing resin ratios also reduces the chance of fracturing do to everyday wear and tear on the surfboard. Cannibal uses aerospace fibers to build the vacuum bagged substrate over our high quality steam pressed eps foam.

Creating a shell that has over 1000 lbs breaking strength/in-sq. on the deck of the surfboard as compared to a standard board having 120-170 lbs/in-sq. This is all before the resin matrix is vacuum bagged and infused which vastly strengthens the  board. Cannibal only uses the strongest and lightest available materials. Lighter Stronger Faster.

CoreVac boards have a superior flex to that of any standard surfboard. Stiffer under the front foot, pushing less water then normal overly flexy boards that do not distribute the load of the riders front foot over the entire deck.

Noticeable acceleration from the initial drop through turns and even over the flat section where standard boards tend bend in the middle of the board. The CoreVac board will flex more aptly in the nose and tail sections like that of a bow or the body of a fish or bird. Providing a more comfortable ride than the standard board, More speed, and quicker response time

Some more about the Corevac Process:

  • No issues with resin shinkage changing to shape of the board. Every poly board is different from the last one because the resin shiriks dramatically when it kicks off. We lock down every board into an exact rocker posistion, so we can control the outcome of the ride. You really can get an exact replica magic board.
  • The center of gravity moves way back behind the front foot as the weight of the fibers and fins are more pronounced in those areas. This make the board stick to your feet and rotate about that center of gravity much quicker without losing speed.
  • Made in the USA.