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Channel Islands Flyer Surfboards

The Channel Islands Flyer Surfboard. The all-time most popular design is The Flyer. In 1999 Al was searching for a solution to team riders’ dilemma of needing more speed and flow in lesser waves while maintaining high performance, world tour level surfing. The answer was a board that departed from the then overly narrow designs and set the stage for the modern performance shortboard that is now wider and shorter.

The Flyer is easily the most ridden and enjoyed all around board in our history. Best as an everyday board in everyday conditions, The Flyer has a single concave entry to double through the middle and a vee exit, Al’s signature bump squash, slight down rail, and a subtle nose beak. To be ridden approximately the same length as you are tall.

Thanks to Noel Salas for the sick review of the OG Flyer on his Surf n' Show YouTube Channel!! Click to watch above.









"This classic design from 20 years ago is still relevant to todays surfing. The original design is still intact they just modernized it by making it a little shorter but still keeping the original design. By doing this a classic has come back strong with the ability to perform in everyday conditions ranging from 2-6' surf. We got great waves and weather for this review and I got to test the OG Flyer in suggested wave sizes and the board delivered the goods. It felt solid under my feet and in both EPS and PU. Both boards went good in both small waves and I was confident in my turns when the waves turned on up too 6'. I say the OG Flyer is a great daily driver for the surfer who wants a versatile board to ride in waves ranging from 2-6'. This board has it all.... speed, agility, control, and it's spicy in good surf or in the less than average days!!!" ~Noel Salas