Hansen Single Fin 9'10 x 22 x 3 Used Collector Longboard Surfboard (Glassed-On Fin)

Hansen Longboard Collector 9'10 x 22 x 3 Used Surfboard. This is a collector board from the mid 60's. This has been repaired and restored. Hansen surfboards was founded by don hansen and opened for business in 1961 in cardiff, california. Don hansen was a successful surfer and champion tandem surfer. his company hansen surfboards was even more successful. Hansen was a top promoter and wisely signed many of the best known top professionals of the day. team members like mike doyle, rusty miller, l.j. richards, margo godfrey, linda bensen and many others. Also contributing to the popularity of hansen surfboards were the many successful model surfboards built in the 1960s.