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Hobie Alter 3 9'3 Collector Surfboard


Hobie Alter 3 Limited Edition 9'3 x 23 x 3 3/8 Glass-In Fin Longboard

(#6 out of 100)

Never Ridden and Signed By Hobie Alter!!!

The HA III is a very unique model, it has a stringerless, flex nose. Without a stringer it gives a whole different look and feel to this beautiful piece of rideable art. 9'3% was Hobie's favorite length board. The initial extra thick stringer narrows from tail to nose, until it becomes stringerless.

This surfboards has Hobie Alter's authentic signature & is #6 in the world of the limited edition of only a 100 boards in this series. This particuar board is very unique as it one of the very few that has a glassed in the fin by Hobie. Many of the others only have boxes. This Hobie Alter Longboard has never been ridden. Mint condition. A '10" on the 1-10 scale. A true collectors item. Own a piece of history.

SPECS:,Length: 9'3% ,Width: 23%,Thickness: 3 3/8%,Nose: 18 1/2%,Tail: 16%,Stringers: 3/4% Cedar wedge tail runs up 2/3 of board to 0%,Glass:8oz. Volan w/ double lap lines,Fins: Hobie glass on,Color:Clear (w/double laps)

PERFORMANCE:,Surfing Type: Noseriding & Classic Surfing,Best Wave Height: 5' & under,Wave Type: Point Breaks & Reef