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Loaded JESU V2 Bearings

This is a set of Loaded JESU V2 Bearings. The Jehu bearings from Loaded have always been their top-of-the-line bearing. Aimed at performance longboarding. The bearings are, however, also suitable for cruiser boards.

The Jehu 2 bearings have been improved over the first version. Thanks to extended inner raceways, you no longer need spacers and speed rings - they are now simply built-in. Not only does this make it easier to install them, it also helps keep your setup tight.

High-grade chromium steel balls and Japanese grease make them fast. The rubberized steel shield increases durability and makes access for maintenance a lot easier.


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A skateboard with special trucks allowing for deep carves to mimic surfing.

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It depends. All completes do. Decks require grip tape.

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