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Mike Stewart Viper Swim Fins - Light Blue

Light Blue

Mike Stewart Viper Swim Fins


  • wider shorter blade for quick acceleration
  • beveled sidewalls increase control
  • delta tail design to minimize drag and increase control
  • maximum foot pocket drainage eliminates any sand or pebbles in your kick
  • rivet tread enhances foot on slippery rocks, yet won't snag on coral or sharp objects
  • all VIPER swim fins are designed with the highest quality 100% natural rubber compound
  • all VIPER swim fins are visible and float high in any surf

Yellow Dot MS Vipers are made with a stiff rubber compound

All other colors are made with a softer rubber compound

Size Chart:
XS (m 3-4 / w 4.5-5)
S (m 4-6 / w 6-7.5)
M (m 7-8 / w 8-9.5)
ML (m 8-10 / w 10-11.5)
L (m 10-11 / w 11-12.5)
XL (m 11-13 / w 13-14.5)
XXL (m 14-15 / w 15-16)