Second Nature By Sector 9 Skate DVD

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Sector Nine's downhill longboard skateboard film Second Nature is definitely not your run of the mill skateboard movie, Second Nature takes you deep inside the Sierra Mountains of Northern California and into the depths of Colin Blackshears chaotic mind. The film features Noah Sakamoto and Patrick Rizzo in some high speed cat and mouse downhill skateboarding action while documenting each drift with extreme precision, but not always. Wipe-outs are putting it softly - It's complete carnage. These guys do some serious shredding at remarkable speeds. When we say shred, we mean shred. Grab a Pepsi and some Gummie Bears for your girlfriend. you're not going to want to get up once Second Nature starts. You are in for a twisted presentation like no other. Second Nature is abstract, chaotic, and exhilarating. You're not going to want to watch Second Nature just once. Enjoy the ride.