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Solar Recover Sting Recover - 2 oz

Zausner's unique all natural blend of dried and refined desert clay, powdered vitamin E, powdered aloe, papain and zinc oxide can be used to calm down stings from bees, jellyfish, fire coral, and other insects.,As water sports enthusiasts they have always carried meat tenderizers with them on their travels. It is the papain or papaya enzyme in meat tenderizer that is the active ingredient; it works on meat by predigesting protein making it tender... Bees and jellyfish sting using a type of protein or protease, hence it's effectiveness.,Upon initial application of Sting Recover the papain digests and neutralizes the protease from the sting. The powdered aloe, powdered vitamin E and zinc oxide, which is used in calamine lotion for rashes, kick in and calm the skin.,The clay they use is marketed as a mask for the face. As the clay mask dries it draws impurities, or in this case, poison from the skin. Once the mask has dried it can be washed off,