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Solar Recovery Save Your Skin

Solar Recovery Save Your Skin was created as a fine mist to rehydrate and was discovered by accident one day when the owner was sunburned at the beach. The owners discovered that the spray calmed down the burn and prevented peeling unlike anything else we had ever used.

Save Your Skin has multiple beneficial uses that will improve the health of your skin especially if used daily. Save Your Skin is all natural.


Throw a bottle in the fridge and it will change your life! The cooling sensation on freshly sunburnt skin is so soothing, you'll never go back to sticky aloe gel again!

 Sun Damage Recovery, 12 FL OZ

INGREDIENTS: Distilled water, natural vitamin E, calendula, lavender oil, sesame oil, geranium oil, roman chamomile oil, sandalwood oil, and French seaweed absolute.


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