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  • Length: 6'1"
    Width: 21"
    Thickness: 2 3/4"
    Fin Setup: Twin Futures
    Tech: Poly
    Tail Shape: Swallow

    Vans Duct Tape Festival Lee-Ann Curren Demo Surfboard

    Demo Rental Rates:

    1 Day - $40

    2 Days - $60

    3 Days - $80

    4 Days - $100

    7 Days - $125

    *Renter may be liable for excessive damage to rental.


    The Vans Duct Tape Festival Lee-Ann Curren 6'1 Demo Surfboard was created by surfing royalty, musician, and style-master Lee-Ann Curren. This board has a few pressure dings along the deck and a few pressure dings along the bottom. There are a couple scratches and stress fractures in the glassing along the rails too. Theres also a few ding repairs made on the deck of the board, near the rail, stringer, and nose, but it all looks to be water tight.

    Condition: 8 Stars - 

    Demo surfboards allow to try it before you buy it. We carry a wide variety of surfboards for you to test out. All Demo boards are availble for purchase. Your rental $ will be applied towards the purchase of the boards.

    1 Day - $40

    2 Days - $60

    3 Days - $80

    4 Days - $10

    7 Days - $125

    How much to ship a Used Surfboard?

    • Shipping rates can vary depending on size & destination.

    • Used Surfboards on Consignment are more expesive to ship. See separate shipping rates below.

    • Surfboards with glass-on fins, and ultra wide boards are subject to different shipping costs.

    • All Surfboards Over 8'1 require LTL Freight.This type of freight is different from standard FedEx or UPS shipments, and can be quite expensive, but we will work as best as we can to find our cheapest, most trusted carrier based on the resources available.

    What if I don't like the Demo Board I rented, can I swap for a different one?

    Yes! Simply bring back the board you rented and if you see a different want that you would like to try, we can swap it out.

    Does the surfboard come with fins?

    • Typically not but sometimes with Used boards. Check the description and photos to see if it comes with a set a fins.

    How do I know the condition of the board?

    • We do our best to provide an acurate description of the use boards dents and dings and we also have a Star Rating System. If you would like more information or pictures on a board, please Contact Us.