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  • Aipa The Dark Twinn

    Length: 5'8"
    Width: 19.75"
    Thickness: 2.688"
    Volume: 31.03L
    Fin Setup: Twin + 1 FCS II
    Tech: Dual Core EPS
    Tail Shape: Singe Wing Pin

    Aipa The Dark Twinn

    Aipa The Dark Twinn

    Length: 5'10"
    Width: 20"
    Thickness: 2.75"
    Volume: 33.13L
    Fin Setup: Tri Fin FCS II
    Tech: Dual Core EPS
    Tail Shape: Single Wing Rounded Squash

    Aipa The Dark Twinn

    Length: 5'11"
    Width: 20.25"
    Thickness: 2.813"
    Volume: 34.79L
    Fin Setup: Twin + 1 FCS II
    Tech: Dual Core EPS
    Tail Shape: Swing Wing Pin

    Aipa The Dark Twinn

    Length: 6'0"
    Width: 20.5"
    Thickness: 2.813"
    Volume: 35.87L
    Fin Setup: 2 + 1 FCS II
    Tech: Dual Core
    Tail Shape: Rounded Pin

    Aipa The Dark Twinn

    Length: 6'2"
    Width: 21"
    Thickness: 2.875"
    Volume: 38.69L
    Fin Setup: Twin + 1 FCS II
    Tech: Dual Core EPS
    Tail Shape: Rounded Squash

    Aipa The Dark Twinn Dual Core - FCS II

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    The Dark Twinn was developed as part of Aipa’s Dark Series, a series of new designs inspired by Ben Aipa’s classic shapes and modernized for futuristic surfing. The Dark Twinn combines Ben’s Wing Twin template, used to make Dane Kealoha’s twins in the late ‘70s and ‘90s, with an updated Swing Twin Squash template for a modern feel. The shift in wing placements engages the wing-to-fin relationship and accents how the board performs as a twin fin. Featuring, Mid-range rockers, and a lowered rail apex line, the Dark Twinn is a high-performance groveler built for aggressive surfing in soft waves. A staged bottom contour with a blended roll from the nose down into a single concave under the forward foot transitions into a double concave that is deepest between the forward fins. The concave then blends with a healthy amount of vee/double-concave, starting at the wing, and easing through the tail. The Dark Twinn is a lively and responsive board proven from Pismo Beach mush to juicy Hawaiian surf.

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    Size Guide

    Size Width Thickness Volume
    5'6 19.375 2.625 28.86
    5'7 19.5 2.688 29.48
    5'8 19.75 2.688 31.03
    5'9 19.875 2.75 32.43
    5'10 20 2.75 33.13
    5'11 20.25 2.813 34.79
    6'0 20.5 2.813 35.87
    6'2 21 2.875 38.69