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  • T. Patterson Synthetic 84

    Length: 5'9"
    Width: 19.50"
    Thickness: 2.38"
    Volume: 30.08L
    Fin Setup: Tri-Fin Futures
    Tech: Poly
    Tail Shape: Squash

    T. Patterson Synthetic 84

    Length: 5'10"
    Width: 19.75"
    Thickness: 2.44"
    Volume: 31.69
    Fin Setup: Tri Fin Futures
    Tech: Poly
    Tail Shape: Squash

    T. Patterson Synthetic 84 Surfboard - Futures


    The T. Patterson Synthetic 84 is a tribute to the good old days and will increase your wave count and really comes in handy battling out the every day crowds. The Synthetic 84 is a tribute to the good old days, when Timmy started his first surfboard label Synthetic surfboards and was working with the legendary Damian Brawner in the 1980’s. Timmy has taken all the positive aspects of boards he built then and has incorporated them into the modern shapes of today. This combo is nothing but pure magic and has been tested by some of the top surfers from around the globe. The consensus of all that have ridden the Synthetic 84’ was nothing but fantastic! As a matter of fact, the “psych meter” went through the roof! As result of such positive feedback, we had to release this one for all of you guys to try for yourself. This board’s niche is just between the Rising Sun and the high performance shortboard. It’s the missing link we are all looking for. The Synthetic 84’ can be ordered up with a bump squash or bump round tail. There is also the custom order option of adding the classic belly four channels that go under your front foot above the fins. The Synthetic 84 has a lower rocker and the bottom runs flat to a slight single into a slight double and fades into vee off the tail. The deck stays flat with a down rail and beak nose. This allows for maximum volume, yet the down rail lets you still sink this higher volume board onto rail in critical sections and off your bottom turns. It has a fuller outline so this board likes to increase your wave count and really comes in handy battling out the every day crowds. You will want to ride this model about 2 inches shorter than your everyday shortboard and comes in a tri fin set up.

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    Can I return a Surfboard?

    • The board must have NEVER have been ridden, used, waxed or damaged in any way.
    • Customer is responsible for ALL shipping/custom charges to return/exchange.
    • $50 restocking fee will be charged for all returned surfboards.
    • The board must be returned/exchanged within 10 business days of purchase.
    • We strongly recommend insuring all returned or exchanged orders.
    • We are NOT responsible for any returned board that are damaged/lost in transit.
    • Any damage sustained upon return will be deducted from the refund amount. 

    Does the Surfboard come with fins?

    • Typically not, unless stated in the Product Description that fins are included.

    What is the right Surfboard for me?

    • It depends on things like height, weight and experience level. Check out our Surfboard Volume Calculator to find the right size board for you.

    Can I Custom Order a Surfboard?

    • Yes, we do have direct lines with a lot of the board manufacturers and can submit a custom order. Please fill out our Custom Surfboard Order Form if interested.

    Size Guide

    Size Width Thickness Volume
    5'4 18.75 2.13 24.00
    5'5 18.88 2.19 25.25
    5'6 19.00 2.22 26.20
    5'7 19.25 2.25 27.25
    5'8 19.38 2.32 28.72
    5'9 19.50 2.38 30.08
    5'10 19.75 2.44 31.69
    5'11 20.00 2.50 33.35
    6'0 20.25 2.57 35.20
    6'1 20.63 2.63 37.20
    6'2 21.00 2.75 40.15
    6'4 21.25 2.88 43.70
    6'6 21.50 3.00 47.30